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Study Abroad

Studying Italian Abroad

Living and studying in another country will deepen your way of seeing the world. You will meet new friends who can last a lifetime, and acquire skills and experience that can be gained no other way.

Italy is one of the leading destinations for university study for students from everywhere in the world for many reasons, especially these:

The United Nations estimates that well over half the world's art treasures are in Italy. These artworks are precious not only because they are peak achievements of human ability, but because they are keys to understanding human exchange, history, and psychology.

Study in Italy is likely to open worlds you haven’t dreamed of yet.

During each term, approximately 30 NU students are on programs in Italy.

Northwestern has chosen to affiliate with a restricted selection of very high-quality, well-run, rigorous programs in Italy, offering our students options for full-year, semester, or summer study. Our guiding principle is that students enter into Italian culture as much as possible at an authentic level, acquiring enough proficiency in the language to be able to get to know the country and its people on its own terms.

Clicking on these links below will take you to a Study Abroad Office site with full descriptions of these programs. You may also ask any Italian instructor for information, particularly Paola Morgavi at

Northwestern Affiliated Study Abroad Programs (ITALY)

Summer Programs