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Sample Questions

The French placement exam is mostly multiple-choice, also with a fill-in writing section, and paragraph writing section. Some of the multiple choice questions require you to click a button next to the correct answer, while others require you to select the correct word from a pull down menu. In the fill-in and short essay questions, you will need to know how to type with accents on your computer. It is imperative that you view (and print out a copy of) instructions of how to produce accents.

You can take as much time for the test as you like. However, the test must be taken without any outside help or books to accurately place you in the appropriate French course.

The test should take you no more than 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but you should make sure that you have enough time to complete the test, seeing as you may take longer than you might have anticipated. If you think that you might not have enough time to finish the exam, you might wait, if available, until the next test date. To assist you further, some sample questions are listed below.



In each of the following sentences, a word or phrase has been omitted. Choose the one expression from the four given which completes the sentence in the most meaningful way.


(i) On a __________ une nouvelle autoroute entre Orléans et Clermont-Ferrand.

A) conduit
B) dirigé
C) confectionné
D) construit

(ii) Prête-moi tes CD pour ce soir; je te les rendrai ________.

A) quelquefois
B) bientôt
C) jamais
D) jadis


From the possibilities given, choose the word or expression which corresponds best, both grammatically and in meaning, to the (underscored/italicized) word or phrase.

Il ne faut pas jeter de pierres!

A) laisser
B) rentrer
C) ramasser
D) lancer


In each of the following sentences a blank space indicates a missing word or phrase. From the choices given, select the one that best fits the sentence as a whole.


(i) Peut-être ____ les prix augmenteront ce trimestre.

A) qui
B) que
C) si
D) pas

(ii) Plusieurs _____ mes amis savent conduire.

A) que
B) Ø (rien)
C) de
D) ou


Each of the paragraphs in this section is followed by questions or incomplete statements. Read each paragraph carefully and then choose the best answer or completion among those given.

Modèle: Juliette Binoche vient de décrocher l'oscar du second rôle féminin pour son interprétation sensible de l'infirmière dans le film Le Patient anglais. Après la cérémonie elle a dit en souriant: « Je n'ai rien préparé. Je pensais que la récompense reviendrait à Lauren Bacall.»

A) Juliette Binoche ne s'attendait pas à avoir ce prix.
B) L'infirmière est le personnage féminin principal du film.
C) Lauren Bacall pensait qu'elle aurait ce prix.
D) Lauren Bacall aurait dû gagner l'oscar.

Part A Results: %


Part B of the Sample Test is not scored. Please click the appropriate link to see sample responses.


The paragraphs below contain blank spaces indicating omissions in the text. For each blank supply ONE word that fits both the structure and the meaning. No choices are given. Enter the word in the space corresponding to the number under the blank. Read the entire paragraph before you begin.

Il faisait (i)  ce jour-là; le soleil brillait et l'air (ii)  doux. Joseph était debout (iii)  6 h du matin. (iv)  avoir donné à manger à (v)  chien, il quitta la maison pour chercher l'aventure dans les champs.

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(i) beau
(ii) était
(iii) depuis
(iv) Après
(v) son


Write a short story about the dog you see in the picture: what's its name, where does he/she come from, what's its family like, what does he/she like to eat, what are his/her favorite toys, etc. Be creative and show us your very best French. Write about six to eight average sentences. Proofread it carefully, checking for common mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Small white dog sitting in a bush

Please write your text in the field below.

You will also have a listening comprehension section. Sample questions are not provided.

Now that you have finished these practice questions, you should be more prepared to take the placement exam. Please make sure that you allot yourself enough time to take the test on one of the designated test dates. It should take you no more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete your exam. If you feel that you might not have enough time to take the test, you may consider taking the test, if available, on a later test date. You should consult the schedule of test dates.

Congratulations, welcome, and good luck.