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One-Year Intensive Italian

Intensive Italian

Fulfill the language requirement a fun and fast way

Intensive Italian Video: Students share their views

Details about Intensive Italian

Intensive Italian (133/134) is a two-credit double course that covers the two-year Weinberg language requirement in one academic year. Enrollment is limited. Class meets MTWF, at the same time through the entire year. Students with strong motivation are permitted to take the Intensive course as a 4/5 credit.

Intensive Italian students have:

Most Intensive Italian students are double majors who go on to study in Italy in a Northwestern University-affiliated program for a semester, full year, or summer.

The course is lively and fast-paced but welcoming and encouraging, and calls for individual and small-group multimedia projects as well as regular homework. Want to know more about Intensive Italian and how it fulfills the language requirement? Contact Paola Morgavi. And take a look at our CTECs!