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The program for Minors in French consists of 8 courses, as follows:

Exceptions and Waivers

For students who start French studies at Northwestern in the beginning or intermediate series (111, 115 or 121-1), the prerequisite course 201 may be substituted for one of the two additional courses in language or literature/culture at the 200 or 300 level taught in French. Students with an AP of 5 or departmental advanced placement who begin work at an advanced level and skip 202 may waive one course at the 200-level. In this case, their total course requirement for the French minor will be 7 courses.

Study Abroad

Students returning from study abroad in French-speaking locations may apply credit to the French minor for up to two eligible courses for an intensive summer program, three courses for fall semester, four for winter/spring semester, and seven for a year-long program. Eligible courses are those that are taught in French and pertain to France and the Francophone world. They may be based in the humanities or social sciences, inclusive of topics in French language, literature, culture, art, history, society, philosophy and politics, among others. French minors who study abroad may fulfill the 300-level advanced language course requirement with a language course taken abroad or request a waiver in the event that they have attained a high degree of French proficiency while abroad. Final decisions on course transfer credit for the major are made by the DUS upon review of course syllabi and assignments. Students are advised to discuss the issue of course credit with the DUS before applying to study abroad.

Native Speakers

Students with native proficiency in French are eligible to waive the two required language classes (French 202 and one 300-level French language class) providing they can demonstrate advanced proficiency in writing. In this case, their total course requirement for the minor will be six courses. See the DLP and Placement Advisor for details on verifying proficiency.

Residency Requirement

At least two courses for the minor must be completed at Northwestern.

The French Minor Declaration Form

The minor declaration form can also be found in the Policies and Forms section of the Weinberg website, Undergraduate -> Advising and Support -> Policies, Procedures and Forms: