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BA/MA in French

The department offers a four-year BA/MA program in French for outstanding undergraduate majors. Exceptional undergraduates may be able to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in less than the usual period of time. The combined degree programs - BA/MA, BS/MA, BA/MS, BS/MS - enable students who commit themselves early in a discipline to accelerate their study toward advanced degrees at Northwestern or elsewhere.

The goal of this program is to select and train exceptional students. The programs also share several underlying premises. First, each department invites students to participate in the program. Students do not select themselves, though they may, of course, inquire about their eligibility. Second, selection by a department is a recommendation to the Graduate School for admission. Students are officially admitted to the Graduate School only after their credentials have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

For more information on the Four-Year BA/MA Program and Graduate School requirements, visit the Graduate School BA/MA page.

To inquire about your eligibility for the program, please contact Professor Christopher Bush, Department Chair.