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Graduate Certificate in Italian Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Italian Studies is open to students already enrolled in a Ph.D. program. The purpose of the program is to help students who have an interest in Italian studies to develop their research skills in a particular field (such as the Italian language, or paleography) and/or acquire a broad, interdisciplinary perspective in order to enhance their research and prepare for a teaching field in Italian Studies.

Application: Students should apply for the Certificate program no later than the beginning of their second year by informing one of the co-directors in writing.

Requirements and Opportunities

Courses: Students who wish to obtain the Certificate have to take at least 4 courses dealing with Italian topics. The choice of courses depends on the student's needs. The 4 courses can be taken all in one department (in order to work on a particular skill or area) or in different departments (in order to acquire broad background for research project or future teaching).

Colloquia: Students are required to participate in lectures and colloquia organized by the certificate program (alone or in conjunction with other units). Every student in the Certificate program is asked to introduce a speaker at least once; to do so the student will need to read the speaker's work and write a short text which analyzes and situates it. Students also meet for a one-hour follow-up seminar with each one of the speakers.

Language: Students have to demonstrate competency in the Italian language as appropriate for individual student training and area of expertise, usually satisfied through prior graduate or undergraduate course work, a stay in Italy, or examination.

Research Travel: The certificate program provides students, on a competitive basis, with travel funds for research trips to Italy.


For more information contact Edward Muir, Department of History, or Professor Christopher Bush, Department Chair of French and Italian.