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Why Study Italian

What is it about Italy?

Italian language and culture open a door on over two thousand years of history, thought, and art. A crossroads between East and West, North and South, Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world, and Italian thinkers and doers have daily global impact in fields as diverse as finance and philosophy, engineering and Public Health, and every possible area of artistic endeavor. Italy is home to more World Heritage Sites, as designated by the United Nations, than any other country in the world, and contemporary Italy is a vibrant meeting place between past and future, local and global.

Why study Italian?

Proficiency in language and knowledge of culture are keys to careers in communication, media, business, the arts and academia. Perhaps because it is somewhat less widely spoken than other romance languages, expertise in Italian and knowledge of its culture distinguishes its speakers and can provide access to circles of influence in many fields, in many cities. Recent Italian majors and minors have gone on to jobs, further study and/or Fulbright grants in journalism, music, film, medical research, economics, and public relations.

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