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The Major and Minor in Italian Studies

The Major and the Minor in Italian Studies are open to all students at Northwestern. They are flexible programs that allow you to begin language study as a First Year Student and integrate your interest in Italian with a second major. Take a look at the major and minor requirements on our website, and if you have questions about our major, minor, and courses, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Domietta Torlasco.

We encourage everyone to study in Italy, either during the summer or the academic year. Ask anyone who has done it: Studying in Italy is one of the most wonderful and rewarding lifetime experiences a student can have, hands down. You will be challenged and deepened no matter what your major is, no matter which program you choose. Northwestern is affiliated with prestigious summer and academic year study abroad programs in Bologna, Padua, Milan (Music and Economics), and Florence. Courses taken count directly toward graduation and in most cases toward WCAS majors and minors. Visit NU's fantastic Study Abroad Office and come to one of our Open Houses!

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