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Studying French Abroad

The number of students studying in French-speaking countries increases every year as NU students increasingly see the value of learning a culture through living in it. While a good majority of these students are majors or minors in French, many in other disciplines and schools look to study-abroad experiences to fully appreciate and expand the cultural insights they have acquired in NU classes and to enhance an understanding of global concerns that will serve them well in their future careers in international business, law, medicine, and other disciplines.

Despite the sometimes heavy course load of double majors or considerable school requirements, students in all six NU schools can avail themselves of the opportunity to study French abroad if they plan carefully from the very outset of their career. Depending on the time available, students may choose from summer, semester or full-year programs. French majors frequently seek honors for a Senior Thesis based on research initiated during a study-abroad program.

NU organizes six programs in France: three are exchange programs in which students are directly enrolled in the French university, while two are taught by NU professors in English, and the sixth is a hybrid, combining an internship with regular study abroad. Further options are offered through traditional study abroad programs with which NU is affiliated. For those short on time, summer options are available. Credit-bearing and non-credit internships are also possible.

Haven't had time to go abroad as an undergraduate? You can still do so after graduation, through the French government assistantship program.

If study abroad is on your to-do list, you are encouraged to consult with Professor Thao Nguyen, Study Abroad Adviser for French, at the earliest opportunity.

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