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Katia Viot-Southard

Associate Professor of Instruction in French

License in Communication, EFAP Paris; MA, PhD, Washington University in St Louis

Katia Viot-Southard is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in French. She holds a License in Communication from EFAP Paris, an MA in French and a PhD in French Language and Literature from Washington University in St Louis. Her dissertation entitled Représentations de la condition féminine à la fin du XIXe siècle: Les ambivalences du théâtre au féminin, offers a close reading of plays written by women in 19th Century France. She has presented many conference papers on women and the theater, and published an article, "Esquisse de révolte: Libre ! de Jeanne Herter Eymond au théâtre féministe en 1898" in the 2014 special issue of Women in French studies. Her research focuses mainly on French women writers, and 19th/20th Century French Theater. She is also very interested in teaching methodologies, language assessment and second language acquisition.

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