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Bishupal Limbu

Ph.D. 2010

Bishupal Limbu, PhD 2010, is Assistant Professor of English at Oregon State University. A native of Nepal, Bishupal received his BA from Columbia University. During his doctoral studies at Northwestern, he spent a year in Paris with the Paris Program in Critical Theory and in 2005-06 was the recipient of a Dissertation Year Fellowship. His dissertation, “Fiction, Theory, and Social Justice: Dispropriative Readings”, addressed the ways literature and political philosophy differently articulate arguments for extending spheres of moral consideration. His interests include theories of cosmopolitanism, diaspora, and translation, ethics and human rights, and contemporary Anglophone and francophone fiction. He has published an article on Maryse Condé's revision of postcolonial cannibalism and has articles forthcoming on the figure of the refugee and on Josephine Baker and French colonial film.

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