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Nathalie Etoké

Ph.D. 2006

Nathalie Etoké, Ph.D. 2006, is currently Assistant Professor of French & Africana Studies at Connecticut College. Previously, she was Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University. She specializes in Africana studies (film, literature, philosophy), LGBT in the Afro-diasporic context, Melancholia Africana (loss, mourning and survival in Africa, America and the Caribbean), and cultural studies (immigration, post-Colonial French identities, French Hip Hop, urban films). She is the author ofL’Ecriture du corps feminine dans la literature de l’Afrique francophone(Paris: L’Harmatton, 2010). She has published numerous articles, poems, a short story, and a novel, and her forthcoming novel, Le rêve de Weli, has been accepted for publication in 2008 by Presses de l’Université Catholique d’Afrique Centrale, andMelancholia Africana: l'indispensable dépassement de la condition noire (Paris: L’Édition du Cygnes, 2010).

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