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Caitlyn Doyle

Ph.D. 2017

Caitlyn Doyle completed her Ph.D. in Comparative Literary Studies and French, and defended her dissertation entitled, “The Aesthetic Politics of an Exhausted World: Aberrant Temporalities in Marcel Proust, Samuel Beckett and Chantal Akerman” in spring 2017. Her research is situated at the intersection of aesthetics and politics, focusing on the temporality of art’s politics. Currently, she is working on a project that considers film’s capacity for inventing and reflecting on strategies of escape from the governing coordinates of intelligibility. Shifting its focus away from discourses of improvement and assimilation, this project looks to filmic techniques invented by marginal populations in order to refuse the values, identities, and sensibility imposed on them by the existing political landscape. Caitlyn Doyle is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of French at Northwestern University.

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