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Youssef Boucetta

Youssef is a PhD student in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern, with a home department in French and Francophone studies. Youssef graduated Magna Cum Laude from Amherst College with a B.A in Comparative Literature. His interdisciplinary honors thesis titled: "Moroccan Darija: Of Vulgar Eloquence in the 21st century" detailed the emergence of a new poetics of Darija, the dominant Moroccan hybrid vernacular language, through digital media, film and music. His main scholarly interests revolve around youth cultures in Europe and the Arab world, linguistic exchanges and hybridity in North Africa, new media and the digital age, literature and cinema of the banlieue, as well as postcolonial theory. As a translator, he has published a new French rendition of Borges' "Pierre Menard: Author of the Quixote'' in Translation Review and a Darija version of "Borges and I '' for He is currently finishing his first feature documentary film "Moroccan Roll" produced by Nabil Ayouch and 2M TV, for which he is a Meditalents 2022 Lab Doc Resident. Youssef is a Mellon Cluster Fellow in Middle Eastern and North African studies and speaks French, Spanish, English, Italian and Moroccan Darija. In his spare time, he can mostly be found skateboarding. 

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