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Maureen Winter

Maureen Winter completed undergraduate work at Goucher College and received her MA in French Studies from New York University in 2014. Her dissertation considers the artistic representation and philosophical analysis of gesture in works by Agnès Varda, Robert Bresson, Jean Genet, and Chantal Akerman. As a concept that responds to the problem of how expression is related to bodies, gesture is both a tool for close reading and a dense theoretical knot that holds together pressing questions about language and image, object and subject, and passivity and activity. Of particular interest to the project as it theorizes gesture in relation to art and politics are works by Gilles Deleuze, Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin, Bertolt Brecht, and Georges Didi-Huberman. Winter also has a broader interest in Marxist theory and politics, feminisms, and psychoanalysis.
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