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Madelyn Steurer

Madelyn Steurer is a graduate student in the department of French & Italian. After having studied both French and Italian, Madelyn graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May 2020 with a degree in Romance Languages as well as a degree in Marketing from the Mendoza College of Business. She received her Masters in French & Francophone Studies with a minor in Screen Cultures from the University of Notre Dame shortly after in May 2022. Throughout her time at Notre Dame, she studied abroad in Siena, Italy to study the political and religious significance of Marian imagery and worked as both the French and Italian gallery teacher on campus at the Snite Museum of Art. Inspired by visual cultures, her research interests encompass the ideological effects of the basic cinematographic apparatus and how psychoanalysis and film function unilaterally to manipulate its spectators. Madelyn is particularly interested in the idea of voyeurism through images of pain and the ethics of viewing Michael Haneke’s films through the lens of Lacanian film theory.

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